Destined to be an artist from an early age, Fabian picked up his first drawing pencil long before he could write. He was too young to remember his first masterpiece, but it certainly wasn’t his last. While he admires great artists (too many to name them all…), Fabian enjoys defining his own style and creating works of art that are uniquely his own.

As a graduate of Fine Arts from the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto, Fabian excels at classical painting and other traditional mediums. He started out in print media as a graphic designer before deciding to explore the new realm of the Internet in the mid ‘90s. His artistic influence can be found on over 150 websites in Northern Ontario and across the nation.

You can find him creating in his studio or hiking through the Spanish Riviera in Espanola. The excitement of city life and networking lure him back time and again with their unique energy. All areas of life, from the mundane to the extraordinary, fuel his creative genius.


Initially a student of Biochemistry, Melanie quickly realized that it was not the lifelong love affair she was destined for. Always quick to figure out ‘what’s wrong with that darn machine?’ and gifted with technology, she realized her true passion was Computer Science.

Graduating from Laurentian University’s Computer Science program, Melanie progressed into web development and IT management. Methodical and enthusiastic about details and the ‘little things’, she developed a knack for efficient project management. With her experience as Director of Development for over 300 regional websites across the nation, she believes a perfect website is elegant, easy to understand, and functional.

Melanie is not your typical geek. When she’s not hard at work on the web, she enjoys spending her free time with her two Harleys: a five pound Morkey, and a 1200c Sportster. Cruising the streets, or going for walks aren’t her only hobbies;, you can also find her on the court or the diamond, enjoying the thrill of competition.