website design

Set yourself apart from the crowd of the internet with a unique, superior website. Whether your site is a few simple pages or a multi-layered project, we can design it, including SEO marketing and social media integration.

Take your website beyond just another marketing tool and develop an image that is exclusively your own. All of our wrappers and graphics are custom made for a unique brand that cannot be found elsewhere. We can create a distinct style that goes beyond stock images.

Increase your potential audience with a website that is accessible, elegant, and functional. We believe that anyone should be able to use your site, even that friend who absolutely hates anything to do with computers.

The FM team members have created and managed hundreds of sites. Our experience will help you take full advantage of Internet marketing with a unique website that separates your company from the competition.

e-commerce solutions

Keep your business running after the workday is done with an online store. E-commerce is a growing industry of products and services purchased online. Consider creating an online store to increase after-hours sales.

We can design e-commerce solutions that are convenient, safe and secure. If you already have one, we can host it for you or integrate it with your website. E-commerce solutions keep working for you, long after you’ve gone home.
Solutions include online storefronts, shopping carts, and inventory management.


You’re focused on managing and growing your business, why should you worry about hosting as well?

We offer customizable hosting solutions on any platform and in any language. Our services provide fast, reliable web hosting across North America. Reduce your overhead costs while we seamlessly coordinate the set-up, migration, and support for any of your hosting needs. We also offer 24 hour support for peace of mind.

Take the pressure off of your growing business and let us handle your IT concerns. You will never again worry about out-growing your current service.

seo (search engine optimization)

You’ve invested time and money creating an exceptional website, so why not make the most of your investment? Websites listed first and most frequently in search results receive the most traffic, which means reaching a larger audience and increasing sales.

Search engine optimization (SEO) analyzes how search engines work and which ones are most frequently used, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. It also considers what your target audience searches for and which keywords they use. SEO makes sure that the people who are the most interested in your services are the ones most likely to end up at your site.

A great website deserves to be seen first. Let us use our experience with SEO to get your website the rating it merits.