the little things

fm web works is a different kind of company. We believe in a human approach to technology that evolves products to their fullest capabilities. Through the fusion of visual arts and technology, we don’t simply create web applications, we create masterpieces for you, our client. We like answering the question

“How can the web help you achieve what you want for your company?” From design to development, we harness the potential of the web to produce applications that are easy to use, creative and elegant. Your input is included every step of the way, to create a relationship built on mutual trust and respect. You’ll never again be left with a product that is ‘sort of’ what you need.

the details


We believe passionately in what we do.With trust, communication and understanding, we build meaningful relationships while becoming an intrinsic part of our clients’ operations. We continuously keep our clients in the loop, while remaining focused on strategy. We care about our clients, our people, and our business.


We will go beyond the limitations of the problem and utilize Design Thinking to deliver a product that exceeds our clients’ expectations. Through the fusion of design and technology, we push the boundaries of what our products can achieve while meeting our client needs.


We are passionate about the blending of Humanity and Technology. Your project is our personal concern and we are committed to its success. We have a vested interest in your technological future.